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Pawhaven’s Cookies and Cream (C.C.)

Born 2 April 2002

Sire:  GRC Purrbodys Maroochydore of Pawhaven

Dam:  CH Makanacoon’s Maka Lani of Pawhaven

As you can see he is a very high white Brown Classic Tabby male.  He is breeder/show quality.  I can not use his in my program at this time.  He has been shown as a kitten a couple times and finaled in a couple rings.  He is a REAL love bug.  He loves to cuddle and make biscuits on you.  He use to sleep with me and curl up under my arm and make biscuits on my side.  He also would curl up on my son’s feet in a sleeping bag.  My son would call him his foot warmer.  I had considered keeping him and showing him in premiership, but can not do so at this time.



Photo Coming Soon

PR Makanacoon's Princess PuaLani (Lani)


DAM: CH. Purricoon's Kaimana of Makanacoon 

SIRE:  CH. PR. Makanacoon's Snowman

Lani was my very first Maine Coon.  She is a Brown Classic with White. She is a sweet girl and very much the talker.  When I woke up and made my way to the kitchen in the morning, she would start talking to me from the moment she saw me and follow me the entire way…still talking.  She would continue this as well as jump up on the counter and get in my way of making coffee, until she got her morning lovings.  She is not much for being picked up and carried around; however, if you are sitting watching TV she will climb up and sit next to you.